Xiah Legends Installation & Troubleshooting Guide

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1) Account Creation

2) Download

3) Disable Anti-Virus Software

4) Installation

5) Settings


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Please Install the main installation first, then the Patch and for last the .Net Core. if you forget to do it you will get Auto ban from the security system.  

To play on XiahLegends 2.0 Game Client:

To run Xiah Legends Launcher, need to install .Net
Font for Windows 10:

💽How to Install the game

1 . Download this installer: https://bit.ly/3jEzoTw
2 . Install BOTH of the Microsoft .Net Runtime installers that located in : C:\Program Files (x86)\XiahLegends\dotNet Core Runtime
3 . Install the Font for Windows 10
4 . Download the New Launcher from here: https://bit.ly/3f9bOfQ
5 . Extract New Launcher in the root folder of Xiah Legends C:\Program Files (x86)\XiahLegends

💽How to Install the last Patch

1. Remove old installation ( check that there is nothing related to xiah in Program Files + Program Files(X86)
and install our new installer
2. go to -> C:\Program Files (x86)\XiahLegends\dotNet Core Runtime and install the .Net Core from Microsoft.
3. only when you finish all 3 steps, you can open the launcher.


What’s This Guide For? To Help Player’s install Xiah Legends & Inform You How to Help Us!

Pay To Play? No! Xiah Legends Is Free To Play, With The Option To Purchase Items! (In The Future)

Open Beta? A Game’s Last Stage of Development, Released To The Public To Find All Possible Bugs!

I Found A Bug, Where Should I Post It? The Facebook Group Page Or Through The Discord Channel!

Server Down? Check The Official Website and Discord For Server Status!


Account Creation

Visit https://www.xiahlegends.com/registration/

Fill Out Your Details, Tick “I’ve read and agree to the Xiah of Service and Etiquette Policy”, Click Register!


After Registering, Please Join Our Facebook Group Page & Discord Channel!

Disable All Your Anti-Virus Software

As A Precaution, Please Disable All Anti-Virus Programs To Ensure A Smooth Installation!

How To Disable Windows Defender (Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)

1. Open start menu -> settings

Start Menu, settings

2. Update & Security

Update & Security

3. Windows Security, Virus & Threat Protection

Windows Security, Virus & Threat Protection

4. Virus & Threat Protection

Virus & Threat Protection

5. Turn Off Real-Time Protection

Turn Off Real-Time Protection


Drag & Drop the Downloaded ZIP Files To The Desktop, Right Click & Extract them.

1. Install Xiah Legends (Run As Administrator)
Run Install As Admin
install game
2. Install Gulim Font
Gulim font install


1.Right Click Shortcut, Properties

2. Compatibility Tab, Check “Run As Admin


3. Open Launcher, Adjust Window Size to Your Liking, Through Settings Icon
Enter Credentials, Press Play!





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